HOOKBOOK Sea Fishing Rig Organizer


  • Ideal for general shore and boat fishing, as well as competition angling. 
  • Complete sea fishing rig organizer that comes with three different styles/sizes of detachable Velcro compartments.
  • All different compartment styles are detachable, allowing you the flexibility to add or remove your rig sleeves according to your specific needs.
  • We are committed to take your angling experience to the next level.

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HookBook Organizer

Sea fishing rig organizer By AbuAdiyat fishing.

A complete sea fishing rig organizer that comes with three different styles of detachable Velcro compartments. Each compartment is made of high quality transparent zip lock sleeves and has been thoughtfully designed to organize your rig and accessories in an ideal way:
First Compartment Style (14 x 25.5 cm): is the biggest and largest compartment in the three different styles. It is designed to keep your rig without making a coil and has 8 zip lock sleeves.
Second Compartment Style (14 x 25.5 cm): has 2 zip lock sleeves with each sleeve having two pockets. This compartment style is designed to keep separate your boom rig/ bagnell bar or any long bar rig from other rigs. You can also add or remove more sleeves to your preference since the sleeves are detachable.
Third Compartment Style (14 x 13 cm): has 2 separate detachable Velcro compartments, each with 8 ziplock sleeves. You can also exchange these sleeves with our small rig wallet bag (sold separately).

The Hookbook organizer is made out of waterproof material with Velcro attachments to keep your rigs and accessories dry and secure. It has a comfortable and accessible pull tab which can be used for hanging as well. The Hookbook organizer also has two large mesh pockets on the inside as well as two rear pockets on the outside, to accommodate all your accessories.

Hookbook Wallet

Hookbook wallets are mainly designed to support the organizer. You may go for a short session or you know exactly what you are targeting. You don’t need to carry all kinds of rigs. Quickly exchange sleeves with the organizer. It has a Velcro attached sleeve of 8 zip lock pockets, one mash pocket, Velcro attachment pulling tab and rear pocket.

   The Hookbook is ideal for general shore and boat fishing, as well as competition angling. The Hookbook is not just any rig wallet, but is a modular rig organizer that can be customized to your personal needs to store rigs and accessories in an extremely organized way and take your angling experience to the next level.

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