Power Cast Tapered Shock Leader

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  • Tapered Shock Leaders are very essential for use with braid or thin monofilament lines for longer casting. The profile of the Tapered Shock Leader starts with 9m (30ft) casting end and tapers over the remaining 4m (13ft) down to the main line.
  • Made from Extra strong monofilament material, tapered shock leaders are designed to withstand high pressures of powerful casting. These Tapered Shock Leaders have high impact and shock resistance, high abrasion resistance and reduced friction.
  • The material used for the Power Cast Series Tapered Shock Leader is very supple with low memory and it has been designed and tested to provide superior knot strength which allows the angler to tie neat, tight and smaller compact knot when attaching the shock leader to the main line. Small leader knot is beneficial to reduce weed build up and smooth casting.

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These shock leader’s are designed to hold the pressure of powerful casting for long range distance casting with big leads . Pressure includes shock resistance, abrasion resistant and friction. Also it has high knot strength. Their ultra slick surface finish means they absolutely fly out through the rings easily.

13m(43ft) X Each spool loaded with 5 leader

      Power Cast Series Tapered Shock Leader is extremely durable, it has been made specifically for sea fishing and tested by UK anglers. The Tapered Shock Leader has also been tested for use with the Casting Trigger for the best power casting experience. It does not matter whether it is lure fishing or bait fishing, shore angling or boat angling, sea or freshwater, the Power Cast series Tapered Shock Leaders by AbuAdiyat Fishing is the ideal choice for all.

When power casting, make sure people around you are in a safe place. Remember, safety first. A simple mistake could cause an accident.


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Blue, Clear, Fluro Green, Orange, Purple


15-60lbs, 18-70lbs, 20-80lbs


4 reviews for Power Cast Tapered Shock Leader

  1. Miraj Majumder

    Amazon review
    Ian Crowson
    Enables a smaller leader knot
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 December 2021
    Colour Name: Clear Size Name: 18-70lbs

    This is the first time I have used a tapered leader for sea fishing, usually I use a straight shock leader. I am convinced that the tapered leader is the way forward as it allows a smaller knot for better casting especially when using braid. Five leaders on a spool is good as it makes for reasonable value, allowing a couple of spares should snags cause loss of tackle.

  2. Miraj Majumder

    OR4NG3 SKY
    Only shock I use
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 October 2021
    Colour Name: Fluro Green Size Name: 20-80lbs

    Best shock on the market.

  3. Miraj Majumder

    Amazon review
    The Cravster
    Needed this in my life
    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 December 2020
    Colour Name: Fluro Green Size Name: 18-70lbs

    Great quality shock leader, strong and can take a decent casting weight

  4. M Bob

    Nice & Great quality shock leader.
    Very strong

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