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    16 Strand Tournament Braided Fishing Line

    • Premium fishing line made from 16 strands is ideal for Game Fishing.
    • Tight weave 16 strand braid line provides extreme abrasion and shock resistance.
    • Superior round construction makes the line silky smooth, reduces friction to allow casting farther and is incredibly comfortable to use.
    • Built for extreme fishing conditions, it is ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing.
    • MULTICOLOR line is great for depth fishing, jigging and trolling.
  • Carp Tapered Shock Leader




  • Fishing Rod Tip Lights


    The smart reminder above loosen the lock switch. Be careful not to twist the rubber, gently press down flat to the front of the alarm installation rod (depending on the thickness of the rod properly adjust the position) and then tighten the lock switch until the green light you can normally use it. There are anglers that are alarm insensitive, please adjust the tightening of the base of the bottles and try more tightly screwed sensitivity! (Do not worry when you lock it securely when throwing a pole to get rid of this product.)