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    16 Strand Tournament Braided Fishing Line

    • Premium fishing line made from 16 strands is ideal for Game Fishing.
    • Tight weave 16 strand braid line provides extreme abrasion and shock resistance.
    • Superior round construction makes the line silky smooth, reduces friction to allow casting farther and is incredibly comfortable to use.
    • Built for extreme fishing conditions, it is ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing.
    • MULTICOLOR line is great for depth fishing, jigging and trolling.
  • Carp Tapered Shock Leader




  • Power Cast Tapered Shock Leader

    • Tapered Shock Leaders are very essential for use with braid or thin monofilament lines for longer casting. The profile of the Tapered Shock Leader starts with 9m (30ft) casting end and tapers over the remaining 4m (13ft) down to the main line.
    • Made from Extra strong monofilament material, tapered shock leaders are designed to withstand high pressures of powerful casting. These Tapered Shock Leaders have high impact and shock resistance, high abrasion resistance and reduced friction.
    • The material used for the Power Cast Series Tapered Shock Leader is very supple with low memory and it has been designed and tested to provide superior knot strength which allows the angler to tie neat, tight and smaller compact knot when attaching the shock leader to the main line. Small leader knot is beneficial to reduce weed build up and smooth casting.
  • Sea Fishing Strong Monofilament Line

    • Enhanced STRENGTH, DURABILITY and STRETCH makes the Power Cast STRONG monofilament sea fishing line a versatile choice for all anglers. 
    • ABRASION RESISTANCE provides reliable performance everytime and holds its own during a fishing fight. 
    • Superior KNOT STRENGTH ensures your connections hold up during tough battles with fish.
    • LOW MEMORY and MID-VISIBLE in the water. Its FAST SINKING feature makes it great for bottom fishing..
    • Available in various colours, these lines are perfect for all your fishing needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, Power Cast STRONG monofilament fishing lines offer a balance of affordability and performance. Go ahead and equip yourself with the right colour and strength of mono line for a successful and enjoyable fishing adventure!