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    16 Strand Tournament Braided Fishing Line

    • Premium fishing line made from 16 strands is ideal for Game Fishing.
    • Tight weave 16 strand braid line provides extreme abrasion and shock resistance.
    • Superior round construction makes the line silky smooth, reduces friction to allow casting farther and is incredibly comfortable to use.
    • Built for extreme fishing conditions, it is ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing.
    • MULTICOLOR line is great for depth fishing, jigging and trolling.
  • Bass Exciter Weedless soft-bodied Lures

    • Bass Exciter Weedless soft-bodied lures weighing 20gm and measuring 9 cm, designed for enticing bass and multiple other species with their fantastic swimming action.
    • Each box contains a pair of fully equipped lures, ready for immediate use. Choose from the visually stunning colour options of White, Yellow and Fluro-Green.
    • Designed for long-distance casting and fast fishing, even in windy coastal conditions, thanks to its slim, supple body rigged to a tapered jig head with a hook size that can be changed per preference.
    • The lure’s weighted head and body combination allows for extended casting in coastal areas, while the subtle paddle tail provides a lifelike action and strong vibrations, even at slow speeds.
    • Fitted with Premium Sharp Thrust® Hook for enhanced durability and hooking efficiency. Features a hook size of 1/0, which can be easily changed if required.
  • Multifunction Lure Fishing Pliers


    Aluminum alloy embedded titanium

    alloy tong head
    Better rust resistance
    Precise wire cutting technology
    Achieve high precision anastomosis
    High hardness tungsten steel shear
    Thread cutting is sharp and durable
  • Power Cast Quick Changing Mini Clips


    Small, lightweight and quick change version. Perfect for Lures. Essential for Snood, hook lengths or lead link. Stainless, corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant. 13mm in length and 25lb test approximately.

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    Power Flash Crankbait

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    • Innovative Lure Technology: Power Flash, Power Cast, and Power Scales are cutting-edge technologies incorporated into this lure, elevating your fishing experience to new heights.
    • Lifelike Action: The Power Flash technology features a spring-activated flash plate, constantly emitting an enticing fish-attracting flash even during pauses, imitating the movements of injured baitfish. The Power Scales employ holographic 3D-designed scales, providing the lure with a lifelike appearance and enhancing its realistic action in the water.
      • Enhanced Casting Performance: Gain a competitive edge with the Power Cast technology, significantly improving your casting distance and accuracy compared to similar-sized lures. This technology utilizes the centrifugal force of the lure’s weight combined with a built-in spring mechanism that propels the weight forward during casting, resulting in impressive casting distances and pinpoint accuracy.
    • Specifications: The suspended model of the lure dives down 3-5 feet during retrieval, imitating the motion of injured baitfish. With a weight of 25g and a length of 12.50 cm, it is available in three attractive colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences and fishing conditions.
    • Versatile and Productive: Bass Exciter lures excel in difficult conditions by drawing bites even in challenging fishing scenarios, maximizing productivity for anglers.