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  • Nylon Monofilament Fishing Cast Net Outdoor


    4.2 meter

    5 kg

  • Powercast Pop-up Drop Net

    •       Power Cast Pop-up Drop net: A versatile fish landing net designed for urban and sea fishing from elevated positions. 
    •       Convenient size: Measures 80cm in diameter and folds to a compact 45cm for easy transportation and storage.
    •       Durable construction: Made with strong nylon material and small mesh (approx. 4mm) for durability and also can be effective catching lobster, prawn, bait fish, and crabs from height.
    •       Weight pouch: Features a bottom weight pouch for adjusting sinking speed according to your preferences.
    •       Complete package: Comes with a 13-meter long rope for lowering and retrieving the net, and the accompanying bag has mesh windows for airflow and quick drying. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Velcro strap allows adjustability of net height for easy catch release.
  • Summer Activity Crab Drop Net for Kids

      • 15 Meters Rope Attached with a Durable Line Handle.
      • Bait Bag inside the net.
      • Well Design for Children Enjoy the Day Crabbing in the Sea.