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  • 7 Hooks Mackerel Feathers

    • Depending on catch ratio and advice from our expert we decide to manufacture these 5 types of  mackerel father for the first time.
    • Each feather has 7 hooks. Hook size 0/2. Main line 65lbs. Hook link 25lbs.
    • Attached stainless steel swivel and weight clip.
    • Mixed one has 1 pack each (5 in total).
    • These are first edition mackerel feathers by Power cast tackle.
  • 7 Hooks Sabiki Rig

    • These Marine Cast feathers are chosen by the expert carefully. Very strong and durable. 
    • Each feather pack has 7 hooks. Hook size 0/2. Main line 65lbs. Hook link 20lbs. stainless steel swivel and weight clip attached for quick connection.
    • Gold flash, Mini hokkai and krill flash are popular for daytime fishing and Luminous shrimp and night glitters  for night (though you can use any time).
    • Mixed 10 has 2 packs each.
    • A Power cast Product.
  • Beach fishing PVC pipe with steel spike single rod rest

    • Power Cast Surf Rod holder with steel spike for enhanced fishing experience
    • Durable white-colored PVC plastic construction for long-lasting reliability
    • Steel spike pin ensures stability, keeping your fishing rod secure in any environment
    • Easy setup, accommodating heavy-duty reels for all levels of anglers
    • High-impact plastic and steel build maintain strength even in wet conditions, providing a reliable anchor for your fishing rod.
    • Please select the size from the drop down menu. Only one single rod rest is included in a pack. 

    •       The BIG BAIT CLIP is a quick and easy lead link that incorporates a bait clip.
    • The BIG BAIT CLIP has an extended bait clip for casting out a bigger bait with maximum protection.
    • Durable and strong, rust-proof stainless steel construction.
    • Perfect component for pulley rigs.
    • A necessary accessory for the tackle box.
  • Fishing Rod Tip Lights


    The smart reminder above loosen the lock switch. Be careful not to twist the rubber, gently press down flat to the front of the alarm installation rod (depending on the thickness of the rod properly adjust the position) and then tighten the lock switch until the green light you can normally use it. There are anglers that are alarm insensitive, please adjust the tightening of the base of the bottles and try more tightly screwed sensitivity! (Do not worry when you lock it securely when throwing a pole to get rid of this product.)

  • Live bait slider (5 pack)

    • The heavy duty LIVE BAIT SLIDER is an innovative way to place LARGER LIVE BAIT at EXTREME DISTANCES.
    • Using this technique you can send live/dead bait farther without damaging the bait with relative ease.
    • You cast the striker first, then attach the LIVE BAIT SLIDER with live bait to the pre-cast line. This allows you to send LARGER BAIT through the line while keeping it intact. BIGGER BAIT MEANS MAXIMUM CHANCE OF BIGGER FISH!!!
    • This LIVE BAIT SLIDER is ANTI-RUST COATED and is reusable.  This comes with a stopper ring and swivel.
    • Check our installation picture.
  • Marine Beachcaster

      • Made with multi modulus carbon and glass fiber combination blanks for progressive casting action.
      • A hi-viz spiral white and fluro green reflective tip provides instant bite recognition in the dark, and low light of dawn and dusk, and make it clear that the rod is made for sea fishing.
      • This build offers 2 handle options, one top of the screw-lock reel seat and another ergonomic butt grip under the shrink tube to the button for better gripping.
      • The POWERCAST MARINE is an easy action beach rod which offers lightweight, slim shape, spectacular design and better casting.
      • 12ft height with 4-6oz casting power, this rod an excellent choice for intermediate level anglers and is suitable for all types of ground fishing ranging from medium to large shore species.
  • Marine cast

    • Marine cast rods have been specifically engineered and designed for fishing from the pier, harbour wall or rocky areas where extra support is required to pull up a bunch of mackerels or a big cod from height.
    • The unique combination of (glass fibre+carbon) makes the blank thinner, and lightweight. The ultra-fast action, balanced blank helps you cast farther and handles extra heavy (XH action) weight exceedingly well.
    • A 304 stainless frame construction with SW (salt water) resistant chrome insert rod rings, high-density shrink rubber handles and premium quality screw reel seat makes these rods comfortable, functional and durable.
    • Superior casting power and eye-catching design makes the Marine Cast rods stand out from the crowd.
      12ft in length; 4-6 oz casting power; includes bag.
  • Multifunction Lure Fishing Pliers


    Aluminum alloy embedded titanium

    alloy tong head
    Better rust resistance
    Precise wire cutting technology
    Achieve high precision anastomosis
    High hardness tungsten steel shear
    Thread cutting is sharp and durable
  • Nylon Monofilament Fishing Cast Net Outdoor


    4.2 meter

    5 kg

  • Power Cast Quick Changing Mini Clips


    Small, lightweight and quick change version. Perfect for Lures. Essential for Snood, hook lengths or lead link. Stainless, corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant. 13mm in length and 25lb test approximately.

  • Power Cast Surfcasting 3 Rod Hold Tripod

    • High-end tripod capable of holding up to 3 rods,  designed for stability in rough weather conditions.
    • Adjustable from 4 feet and extendable up to 7 feet.
    • Lightweight aluminium construction for easy transportation and quick setup.
    • Includes a hook on the middle leg for attaching a weight or sandbag for added stability.
    • Versatile use for beach, course, carp, and various types of fishing; bag included for convenience and easy transportation. 


  • Powercast Pop-up Drop Net

    •       Power Cast Pop-up Drop net: A versatile fish landing net designed for urban and sea fishing from elevated positions. 
    •       Convenient size: Measures 80cm in diameter and folds to a compact 45cm for easy transportation and storage.
    •       Durable construction: Made with strong nylon material and small mesh (approx. 4mm) for durability and also can be effective catching lobster, prawn, bait fish, and crabs from height.
    •       Weight pouch: Features a bottom weight pouch for adjusting sinking speed according to your preferences.
    •       Complete package: Comes with a 13-meter long rope for lowering and retrieving the net, and the accompanying bag has mesh windows for airflow and quick drying. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Velcro strap allows adjustability of net height for easy catch release.
  • Pulley Swivel (BLACK)

       Pulley swivels usually use for most of the hand made rig in the UK. Mostly it is use for running leader and pulley rigs. Swivels strength is 45kg. It is specially using for save the rig body from damage the line. And secondly protect your rig from unnecessary tangle.
  • Pulley Swivel (blue)

       Pulley swivels usually use for most of the hand made rig in the UK. Mostly it is use for running leader and pulley rigs. Swivels strength is 45kg. It is specially using for save the rig body from damage the line. And secondly protect your rig from unnecessary tangle.