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  • Abuadiyat Surf

    • Made by glass fibre material for extremely strong build construction. Combination of fast casting action and extra heavy weight lifting action made the rod really powerful, durable and perfect for rough use.
    • Abuadiyat SURF rods have salt resistant stainless steel eye rings and also have long lasting  goodwill records.
    • Its long bright white bite decaction tip is easy to identify during dusk till dawn.
    • 12ft in length, 125-175g casting power + bait.

    More likely SURF rods are suitable for beginners and those who do not clean up their rods regularly .

  • Marine Beachcaster

      • Made with multi modulus carbon and glass fiber combination blanks for progressive casting action.
      • A hi-viz spiral white and fluro green reflective tip provides instant bite recognition in the dark, and low light of dawn and dusk, and make it clear that the rod is made for sea fishing.
      • This build offers 2 handle options, one top of the screw-lock reel seat and another ergonomic butt grip under the shrink tube to the button for better gripping.
      • The POWERCAST MARINE is an easy action beach rod which offers lightweight, slim shape, spectacular design and better casting.
      • 12ft height with 4-6oz casting power, this rod an excellent choice for intermediate level anglers and is suitable for all types of ground fishing ranging from medium to large shore species.
  • Marine cast

    • Marine cast rods have been specifically engineered and designed for fishing from the pier, harbour wall or rocky areas where extra support is required to pull up a bunch of mackerels or a big cod from height.
    • The unique combination of (glass fibre+carbon) makes the blank thinner, and lightweight. The ultra-fast action, balanced blank helps you cast farther and handles extra heavy (XH action) weight exceedingly well.
    • A 304 stainless frame construction with SW (salt water) resistant chrome insert rod rings, high-density shrink rubber handles and premium quality screw reel seat makes these rods comfortable, functional and durable.
    • Superior casting power and eye-catching design makes the Marine Cast rods stand out from the crowd.
      12ft in length; 4-6 oz casting power; includes bag.